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All of our items are given a rating according to their condition. 


An item is unworn - what does it mean? 

If an item is declared to be unworn then it has been sold to us without being worn after being bought new very recently. This means that the item will still have all its original seals and protective stickers, as well as the manufacturer's guarantee.


Item is mint or good condition - what does it mean? 

If an item is in outstanding condition and comes with the original box and the manufacture documentation as manuals and guarantee then we give it mint condition. 

However it is not only new items that can be mint condition - older watches can also have this rating if we believe them to be in superb condition for their age. 

Items that do not come with the appropriate documentation (for example if the papers have been mislaid) or are slightly below this top rating are given good condition. 

In order to certify that our classifications of items are reasonable, we keep in touch with our clients on a regular basis. A new watch will say that it is "unworn" in the condition box. 


If buying from abroad, can I claim back VAT? 

The VAT on our watches has previously been paid at the time that they watch were initially bought because we deal in pre - owned watches. As a result, the price you see does not reflect VAT.


The bracelet - is it possible for you to adjust the size? 

Any watch that you purchase from us the bracelet can be adjusted to the correct size provided that you provide us with details of your wrist size. 

When we complete the adjustment we will deliver your watch back to you and any spare links that have been removed will also be returned to you. 

If you have any general queries feel free to contact us using the form on our contact page.

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