Your watch is an important instrument for timekeeping, accessory to complement your outfit as well as a way to express your personal style so it goes without saying that we should make it a habit to regularly clean our watches. Cleaning your watch can be a hassle and become very time-consuming if you wait until it’s dirty to give it a thorough cleaning. Polishing your watch on a weekly basis as well as avoiding wearing the piece while you’re applying makeup, lotion or participating in any activities where you will sweat excessively or expose your watch to any heat or moisture will help prolong the look and life of your timepiece.

If your occupation involves a lot of repetitive hand or wrist movements or exposure of the watch to sweat, heat or humidity, be sure you are wearing the appropriate watch as the life of certain watches will be significantly shortened if you are wearing the wrong type of watch for your occupation or lifestyle. For example, leather watch straps will quickly deteriorate if they are often exposed to moisture and heat and mechanical watches do not fare well if worn by individuals who are required to do a lot of repetitive arm movements.

There are some basic rules that you should keep in mind when it comes to watch cleaning and if you clean your watch on a regular basis, your timepiece will be much easier to maintain and the appearance and lifespan will be increased considerably. No matter what type of watch you own-waterproof or not, never submerge your entire watch in water when cleaning. The majority of the regions on a watch that tend to get dirty are the strap and dial. To clean a leather strap, use a clean, dry cloth and avoid getting any water on it while cleaning. If you have a metal band, use a soft-bristled brush like a toothbrush and dip in soapy water and clean the entire band and dry with a clean cloth.

If there are areas of the watch that was not thoroughly cleaned with the brush, use a toothpick to remove dirt and debris from the crevices. To clean the dial of the watch it’s best to use the soft cloth that came with it. If you do not have a cloth, you can always pick up one up at a jeweler’s or watch repair shop and polish the dial until it’s smooth and shiny. Avoid taking your watch apart to clean it, if your watch has not been cleaned for a long time and requires a deep cleaning, take your watch to a jeweler with specialized equipment.

As far as storing your timepiece, it is always best to store it in a cloth bag or the box you purchased the watch in as it is specially designed to store your watch and proper storage will prevent any accidental damage to your timepiece. Take time out to clean and maintain your watch every week to enjoy the form and function of the piece for years to come.